Local everything

There is a trend (especially regarding electricity and food production) toward the local scale. [ Read at ]

Waiting for infrastructure

It would be impossible for a majority of cars to be electric without a massive battery-charging infra­struc­ture, whereas a majority of buildings could be made energy-efficient with­out any special infra­struc­ture. [ Read at ]

Subventionner et punir (VF)

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Cette bizarrerie qu'est l'agriculture biologique (VF)

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Tell me how much energy your building uses, and I will tell you who you are

Based on data from close to a million buildings, can we tell whether older buildings are less efficient? What about smaller buildings? What is the part played by climate? [ Read at ]

Does solar electricity make sense in Europe

In most of Europe, electricity consumption peaks in winter, whereas solar production peaks in summer. Thus, solar electricity is not as valuable as superficial calculations indicate. [ Read at ]

Oil must be expensive (and cheap too)

Oil must be expensive to curb consumption (and thus CO2 emissions). And it must at the same time be cheap to make uneconomical the tar sands and Arctic drills. [ Read at ]

Raboter le Mont Blanc (VF)

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Le nucléaire économise la ressource la plus rare (VF)

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The three brothers who did not raise pigs

A tale of agricultural production and waste, of fraternal love and porcine loathing [ Read at ]

Are vertical farms on the horizon?

It is well-established that one ought to build towns in the countryside, for the air is so much cleaner there. Some people recently decided to build farms in towns, for the customers are so much closer there… [ Read at ]

Comparing the different types of agricultural practices

Comparing conventional agriculture, organic production, integrated farming and permaculture; and re­defining mono­culture and poly­culture along the way. [ Read at ]

Faire son compost (VF)

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Are animal pro­teins unhealthy?

Many studies claim to find a link between animal proteins and health problems. But does eating animal proteins really cause dis­eases that plant proteins do not? [ Read at ]

Reducing the environmental impact of agriculture (i.e. of food)

When asked about how to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, many people will think of or­ganic food as an answer. But there are other solutions to implement, which are cheaper and better for your health. [ Read at ]


Combien de litres d'eau ? (VF)

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