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Consultant in mathematical modeling, numerical simulations,
algorithms, optimization and quantitative programming

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Modeling, simulations, algorithms, optimization, numerical programming, writing

Start-ups and other small companies do not always have the necessary in-house capa­bilities to meet all their mathematical and programming needs. I have a PhD and over a decade of expe­rience in

  • mathematical modeling, numer­ical simu­lations, algorithms, optimization and quantitative pro­gram­ming in fields as varied as applied physics, investing, sport and sustainability;
  • scientific and financial writing and translation (French ↔ English).

Ce que j'écris en anglais, je peux aussi l'écrire en français version française


When mathematics met programming


  • I have extensive writing experience: I wrote a dissertation (in English) and a book (in French), scientific articles and finance articles, but also papers on ethics (on plagiarism and whistle-blowing for instance) — see my publications at http://mathieu.bouville.name/en/research.html;
  • I have experience as a reviewer for scientific journals, and can help with the editing of articles;
  • I can translate scientific and technical documents between English and French.
cover of my book

Applied physics, investing, sport, sustainability, etc.

Materials science and applied physics

My PhD (at the Uni­versity of Michigan, in the U.S.) and then my work as a re­searcher in Singapore and at the University of Cam­bridge were mathe­matical modeling and numer­ical simu­lations in materials science and applied physics:

  • effect of stress on point defects in semiconductors [molecular dynamics];
  • pit formation in semiconductor thin films [paper and pen];
  • interplay between martensite and pearlite formation in steel [phase-field, PRL 97, 055701 (2006)];
  • improving the stability of polycrystalline thin films [phase-field, PRL 98, 085503 (2007)];
  • faster (factor 100) method to predict polymer glass-transition temperatures [Monte Carlo].
martensite simulation

Investing and personal finance

  • I am the author of the book "Votre argent mérite de vous rap­por­ter plus" as well as of articles on investing and personal finance for a broad audience at http://mathieu.bouville.name/en/finance/articles/;
  • I modeled stock–bond port­folios (github.com/m-bouville/investing-by-numbers);
  • I wrote the article "Long-term stock investments should last three decades" (http://ssrn.com/abstract=2739602);
  • I designed and imple­mented a per­sonal finance simu­lation tool which includes Monte Carlo simulations.

personal finance simulation

Energy transition

About anything else

I like using mathematical and statistical methods to get insight into about anything:

Tell me what is of interest to you.

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