Editing and proofreading academic articles, theses and dissertations

I can edit or proofread your academic, scientific and technical articles, as well as master's and doctoral theses and dissertations or any other technical paper. Or, if you are earlier on in the process, I can help you write them (coaching).

I have a PhD from the University of Michigan, in the USA. I am first author of over a dozen journal articles (in fields as varied as materials science and applied physics, applied mathematics, finance and philosophy), including two in Physical Review Letters. I have also been a referee for even more papers. I can use both Word and LaTex.

Translating scientific and technical articles between English and French

I can work on texts in English and French, as well as translate between the two languages. French is my native tongue (and I wrote a whole book in it). I spent ten years in English-speaking countries, writing a PhD dissertation and quite a few academic articles in the process.

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